Sales Enablement to Help You Sell More


The Solution. . .
Sales Stage Realignment

Let Jensen Marketing help you set up your sales stages. We build seven stages with incredible strategies to help you manage and grow your sales.
  • Strategic sales stages
  • Actionable milestones
  • Identify buyer pain
  • Optimize your solutions
  • Identify the buying center

The Problem . . .
Misaligned Sales Stages

Sales stages clearly identify the progressive steps a buyer takes to buy your product or services. The steps are used by your sales team to build strategy and track results. If your sales stages are misaligned, they don’t capture the essence of your sales process and your strategies falter. It’s hard to create meaningful metrics to get back on track.

  • Sales stages aren’t effective
  • Missing or ineffective milestones
  • Lack of focus on the buyer
  • Missing value propositions
  • Lack of attention on the buying center
Discover your sales funnel formula and
drive revenues past projections!

The Solution. . . Sales Funnel Formula

Your sales funnel is the center of your marketing and sales efforts. It manages and tracks sales from cradle to grave. From your target market to leads and opportunities, your sales funnel creates the customers who are your lifeblood. Building your funnel and learning what works creates a formula for success. Your sales funnel formula removes the chaos from organic marketing.
You have analytics and reports to provide direction for sound decisions. Target markets can be defined and the right type of marketing gets added to reach the right people. Sales activities are monitored and tracked so constraints can be managed. Revenue grows at a consistent rate. The ups and downs of organic marketing are gone.

The Problem . . .Organic Marketing

For most businesses, marketing grows organically over time. Things get bolted on as needed. The owner is usually the first sales person. As revenues grow more sales people are added. Sales people get their own leads. Someone creates sales sheets and a brochure. A static website gets build by a relative.

The sales funnel is informal and undefined. Different advertising methods are used but no one knows for sure if they work. One or two sales people produce more than everyone else combined. Spreadsheet reports provide some metrics when things get entered. The CRM gets added to the mix but no one really uses it much.

Consequently, revenues are like a roller coaster ride. One month they’re up and the next month they’re down.

Don’t wait years to develop this core competency.
Start building your sales funnel now.